Misha Knea, a native of New Mexico, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role as the CEO of Mission 22. With a background rooted in law enforcement and community service, Misha has dedicated her career to supporting and advocating for others.

Born and raised in New Mexico, Misha spent twelve years serving her community in a law enforcement capacity, where she developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and families. Most recently, she served as the Community Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator for the Bend Police Department, where she worked closely with veterans and volunteers, fostering connections and providing support to those in need.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Misha is an avid runner and believes strongly in the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. She understands the significance of personal wellness and strives to create a supportive environment where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally.

In her role at Mission 22, Misha is eager to continue her mission of service by providing support and advocacy for veterans and their families.